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Job : September 21, 2022

Thank you to our Community School Coordinators

Community School Coordinator Appreciation Week runs from September 19-23, 2022.

Community coordinators are the cornerstone of community schools.

  • They help facilitate collaborative leadership, ensuring that a culture of professional learning, collective trust, and shared decision-making and responsibility is built to include families, students, teachers, principals, and community partners. .
  • They help provide integrated supports for students that address barriers to extracurricular learning, basic needs, safety and health services.
  • They help provide more learning time and opportunities through enrichment activities that emphasize real-world learning and community problem-solving. This can include after school, weekend and summer programs.
  • And coordinators help facilitate active family and community engagement by making the school a hub of neighborhood educational activities and opportunities.

Community schools are a priority for the APS Board of Education. Thank you to all coordinators for being of service to students, families and school communities.

  • Alma Arango
  • Alyssa Romero
  • Amanda Carbajal
  • Amanda Rubio
  • Ambrielle Lopez
  • Anamargarita Otero
  • Andy Braman
  • Athena Samora
  • Berta Gutierrez
  • Carlos Contreras
  • Cathy Durand
  • Charla Alvillar
  • Charlton Simmons
  • Christian Espinosa
  • Cindy Smith
  • Claudia Benevidez
  • Dana Flores
  • Daniel Bart
  • david johnson
  • Deborah Pohl
  • Debra Marthe
  • Donna Garduno
  • Edna Torres Chaparro
  • Erica Apodaca
  • Greg Flores
  • Irene Camarillo
  • Jason Cordoba
  • Jessica Dinsmore
  • Jessica Ward
  • Julia Fitzsimmons
  • Kaley Sisson
  • Kimberly Montgomery
  • Lauren Arellano
  • Lizeth Aviles
  • Louis Head
  • Makenzie Sanchez
  • Maria Marquez
  • Marisa Cruz
  • Mary Holyoke
  • Melanie Lewis
  • Melanie Maestas
  • Melanie Telles
  • Monique Rimbert
  • Pamela Campos
  • Paula Castillo
  • Rachelle Ford
  • Ralph Pena
  • Rosa Gonzalez-Rogers
  • Sahra Saedi
  • Sergio Schwartz
  • Sharay Sullivan
  • Silvina Tello
  • Stephane Picha
  • Tammy Davis
  • Therese Salmon
  • Valerie Hazelbaker
  • Yahella Ocegera
  • Yvette Barwell
  • Yvonne Ulibarri

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