Sterling Heights Police Department Unveils Transparency Dashboard – Macomb Daily

The Sterling Heights Police Department has launched a new transparency dashboard that provides information on things like arrests made and use of force or complaints.

According to Police Chief Dale Dwojakowski, Sterling Heights is the first law enforcement community in Macomb County to provide such information to the public. He said the scorecard is in line with the city’s overall commitment to be as transparent as possible.

“Our core philosophy is that transparency is essential to building and maintaining a strong partnership with our community,” Dwojakowski said in a statement Thursday.

“And we know from experience that maintaining our rank as the safest major city in Michigan depends on the collaborative effort between our officers and our residents and businesses. This dashboard will simply continue to strengthen the bond of trust between our community and our department.

Tyler Technologies, based in Plano, Texas, specializes in software development for the public sector.

The dashboard can be accessed under the left side of the police department section of the city’s website at

It allows viewers to quickly view up-to-date information regarding the department’s interaction with the community on items such as service calls, citations issued, and complaints. The information is broken down by race, gender and time periods.

The dashboard will also help Sterling Heights police officers by allowing them to internally track resident issues and concerns, as well as streamline departmental processes such as use of force forms, lawsuit reports, injured policemen, etc.

The database that powers the dashboard has enabled these forms and reports to become digital and has created a workflow for everyone, making processes completely paperless.

“Dashboard information is refreshed every five minutes, providing visitors with the most up-to-date information possible,” the chef said. “As we see how this program grows, the plan is to add even more categories and information, making our department as open and accessible to the public as possible.”

To create space for the Transparency Dashboard, the police department was able to remove software modules that they weren’t currently using. so there is no additional cost to taxpayers, the officials added.

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