SRM volunteers announce scholarship recipients – Sterling Journal-Advocate

Sterling Regional MedCenter volunteers awarded $ 1,000 scholarships to six recipients.

The SRM Volunteer Scholarships are awarded to students who are pursuing a study in the medical field at a two-year college or university. The six scholarship recipients include:

  • SRM Volunteers 2021 Scholarship Recipient Kaitlyn Houghton (Courtesy Photo)

  • Jaden Jole, SRM Volunteer Bursary Recipient (Courtesy Photo)

  • SRM Volunteers 2021 Scholarship Recipient Logan Reyes (Courtesy Photo)

  • Laryssa Schumacher, recipient of the SRM Volunteers 2021 scholarship (Courtesy photo)

  • Monika Schmidt, recipient of the SRM Volunteers 2021 scholarship (Courtesy photo)

  • Kayleigh Mackintosh, recipient of the SRM Volunteers 2021 scholarship (Courtesy photo)

Laryssa Schumacher graduated in 2021 from Caliche high school. She has been accepted for the fall semester at Northeastern Junior College and hopes to become a nurse practitioner.

Kaitlyn Houghton has completed two semesters in the NJC nursing program and has been accepted into the University of Northern Colorado, where she will earn an Associate of Science degree. After completing her studies to become a nurse, she plans to return to this region to give back to her community.

Logan Reyes is a Sterling High School graduate who currently attends the NJC. He hopes to continue his studies at Fort Hayes State College, with the goal of becoming an X-ray technician.

Jalen Jole is a graduate of Merino High School and Morgan Community College, and currently attends the University of Nebraska Medical Center at Omaha. He volunteers where possible at the David Walsh Cancer Center in Sterling and is considering becoming a radiation therapist.

Kayleigh Mackintosh graduated concurrently in 2021 from Goal Academy and NJC. She plans to attend Judson University in Elgin, Illinois. Her goal is to become a medical assistant.

Monika Schmidt is enrolled in the NJC Nursing Program and works at Sterling Regional MedCenter as a CRNA. Her goal is to become a registered nurse working in obstetrics.

Sterling Regional MedCenter volunteers provide half of the funding for the six scholarships. Funds are collected through the gift shop they operate at the hospital.

The remaining part of the scholarships is made available by the Sterling Regional MedCenter. The scholarship winners are selected by a committee of volunteers.

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