MOGL Founders Visit South Bend to Meet Local Business Owners

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – This is the new aspect of varsity athletics; athletes capitalizing on their own image and likeness.

We first introduced you to the MOGL company founded by former Irish quarterback Brandon Wimbush and former Notre Dame Aydan Syal in July.

Last week, the two were back in South Bend to meet with local business owners to discuss student-athlete marketing and all that it has to offer.

The group begins in South Bend due to their connection to the area.

“We’re starting here in South Bend; have identified a few other target markets for us where we want to expand and launch initially, ”said Wimbush. “But I think South Bend is a great way for us to take off and build that confidence with varsity athletes.”

“Our main goal is to keep more people here, so if we can keep young talent here, it will benefit our community in the long run.” South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce President Jeff Rea said. “So I hope these community ties mean that this is more than just a four year experience on campus, and instead they see the welcoming community that we are and maybe think about doing this. long term home. “

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