Lompoc City Council seeks public opinion for community redistribution

LOMPOC, Calif .– Lompoc City Council seeks public input, as part of a city redistribution process, and is required every 10 years.

“The idea here is that after every census there has to be a review process to make sure that the districts comply with the law,” Daniel Phillips, consultant for the National Demographics Corporation, said at the meeting. Tuesday evening.

The process involves drawing the boundaries of the city council district in a way that the community believes best represents the community.

“The federal requirement, first and foremost, is equal population,” Phillips said. “These neighborhoods should have about as many people living there.”

Currently, the city is divided into four districts. Each district must contain at least 10,100 inhabitants, at present the four districts are unequal with its population.

“District 3 is overcrowded and District 4 is underpopulated,” Phillips said.

On Tuesday evening, city council asked the public to provide their first input on where the district lines should be drawn, with some still not believing new lines should be drawn.

” That does not make sense. It sounds like a waste of money. It looks like it’s too early, ”said Nick Nickolinco, Lompoc resident.

Others said creating a fifth district is a good idea.

“But we also include the village and the base and the school district,” said a resident of Lompoc at the meeting.

In a 5-0 vote, city council voted to pass a resolution that would provide funding for a deal with National Demographics to act as a demographer.

The second public contribution will take place on July 20.

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