Bolivar’s Community Development Department seeks public input on transportation

The City of Bolivar Community Development Department is seeking community feedback on
local transport through a new survey.

The survey, which was developed in partnership with the Southwest Missouri Council of
Governments will be open to the public until Thursday, September 8.

Participants can visit to find the survey online.
It presents questions and invites comments on several topics related to the life of the city
transportation system, including streets, sidewalks and pathways. Through the survey, staff will work
make a transport plan for the city.

Bolivar City Community Development Supervisor Kyle Lee said the benefits of the survey for the
The city of Bolivar and the community are multi-faceted.

“The work of creating a transportation plan is important for planning future development, as well as
about improving existing infrastructure,” he said.

Lee said the survey will guide department heads not only today, but also when making plans.
for the future.

“The information will help us enormously in short and long term planning,” he said.
The survey could also help open doors for additional funding in the future, Lee said. A
The transport plan is an important element to have when applying for a grant.

“Direct feedback from citizens in the community is an essential part of a grant application
process,” Lee said.

The ministry has added an additional incentive for community members to complete the survey. Each
the person who completes the form will be entered into weekly draws for the prizes of

“The city of Bolivar is grateful for the donations from many local businesses who also know the
the importance of efficient transportation infrastructure,” Lee said.

For more information on the Bolivar City Community Development Department, visit the
the city’s website at and the City of Bolivar MO, Community Development Facebook

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