Atlantic High School Eagles soar in Ethics Bowl

In the 2022 Ethics Bowl contest, high school students showed up with an ethical awareness of the modern concept of “ghosting,” which is defined as the abrupt severance of communication with someone without any warning or explanation.

The annual Palm Beach County Regional High School Ethics Bowl is hosted by the Palm Beach County School District in conjunction with the LeRoy Collins Public Ethics Academy at Florida Atlantic University to raise awareness and awareness of ethics, encourage collaborative thinking and promoting civil discourse.

Teams from Atlantic Community High School, John I. Leonard High School, Park Vista Community High School, Spanish River Community High School, and a Miami-area charter school faced ethical dilemmas and asked questions about the cases. Teams created responses to the ethical situations presented to them while the opposing team formulated a rebuttal. A final rebate takes place to counter the presented rebuttal, and the round ends with questions from the judges.

“The students who competed this year were exposed to real issues, and their well-reasoned responses reflect this generation well,” said event judge Bill Bone, founding partner of Larmoyeux and Bone Trial Lawyers.

Team 1 from Atlantic High School won first prize and Park Vista High School came second. Students from the top four teams received scholarships, in addition to a cash donation that will be used to support the growth of programs at their respective schools. The scholarships ranged from $5,100 to $2,000 per team.

Final rankings:

• 1st Place – Atlantic Community High School (Team 1)

• 2nd Place – Park Vista Community High School

• 3rd place – Schools of Archimedes (Team 1)

• 4th place – Schools of Archimedes (Team 2)

• 5th place – Student from the community of Spanish River

• 6th place – John I. Leonard High School (Team 1)

• 7th place – Atlantic Community Raised (Team 2)

• 8th place – John I. Leonard High School (Team 2)

Teams were scored on the quality of their analysis of each situation by an esteemed jury, which included: Fred Angelo, Kate Arrizza, Alexandria Ayala, Ric Blackwell, Karen Brill, Ryan Britton, John Carey, Bell Monica Cirius, Rodney Davis, Sophia Eccleston, Nakisha Freeman, Edith Friehheim, James Gavrilos, Hollie Hawn, Jeff Hmara, Dorothy Jacks, Faye Johnson, Christie Kelley, Lisa King, Michael Kridel, Michael Kugler, Robin Larson, Gina Levesque, Rob Long, Clarice Redding Louis, Michelle McGovern, Katia St. Preux, Katrina Long Robinson, Stuart Robinson, Rodney Romano, Brent Schillinger, Ellen Smith, Alcolya St. Juste, Lesley Stone, Kenneth Thomas, Davicka Thompson, Robert Weinroth, Gregg Weiss and Erica Whitfield.

The event was produced and made possible by members of the School District’s Teaching and Learning Department and the following sponsors: Associated General Contractors of America (FL East Coast), Baptist Health of South Florida, Better Business Bureau, Checkmark Collections, Congressman Mark Foley & Friends of Foley Foundation, David Baker Esq., Education Foundation of Palm Beach County, Eric Friedheim Foundation, Florida Power & Light, Joseph and Alexandra Chase, Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches, Larmoyeux & Bone Trial Lawyers PL, Richard and Lesley Stone Family Fund, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Waste Management: Waste Disposal & Recycling.

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