A credit card is an extremely convenient tool for a borrower if he urgently needs money. Despite the fact that the interest on credit cards is rather high, and sometimes you have to overpay up to 60% per annum, the availability of a grace period allows you to compensate the money spent from the card without penalty. And since the limit compared to conventional loans is relatively small, it is quite realistic to take credit cards from banks without any income certificates and other additional documents.

Requirements for borrowers

Requirements for borrowers

Despite the fact that a credit card can be obtained without any problems, certain requirements are imposed on borrowers:

  • age – at least 18 years old (most often – from 21), maximum – 55 for women and 60 for men (with the opportunity to take special credit cards for elderly clients);
  • Russian citizenship;
  • registration – in the village where the bank branch is located.

Having a good credit history is desirable, but not required. In most large banks like Sberbank or VTB24, in case of overdue payments and heavy debt, they are unlikely to issue a card. But in smaller federal and regional ones it’s worth trying – the lowest failure rate is there, as well as when making a loan online.

It is also desirable to have a permanent job, if there is none, not a problem; you can also get a loan without formal work by presenting certificates or extracts from an unofficial job. When providing certificates of income credit card processing is extremely fast and initially increased with the amount. However, you can do without additional information, limiting one passport.

Credit cards without income verification are a rather fashionable trend. Given that many people already have loans or debts on them, banks take risks and issue credit cards without a thorough check of the borrower or a simplified scoring scheme.

Package of documents

Package of documents

If you apply for a credit card without references and guarantors, then the probability of approval of the loan is somewhat lower.

In order to receive a card, in any case, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • passport with stamped place of residence;
  • Any second document – rights, military ID, certificate of a security official – the main thing is that he was with a photograph of the borrower.

If you provide a minimum package, you can count on issuing a card with a lower loan client and more stringent conditions, for example, a reduced grace period and increased interest.

To achieve more favorable conditions, it is necessary to provide as many documents as possible, including those confirming the presence of work and sufficient income, or to attract guarantors, or provide an extract from your credit history.

What to look for

What to look for

To get a credit card at a banking institution, you must first carefully read the terms of its provision. It may well become clear that they will not suit a potential borrower. It is worth paying attention to the following:

1. Is it possible to withdraw funds from a credit card through an ATM (cash) and how much it will cost. In most cases, it will have to pay a commission. It may be fixed or depend on the amount withdrawn. If the borrower plans to cash out a credit card, then this point should be paid special attention.

2. Is it possible to pay with a credit card on the Internet? Most cards allow you to do this – if the CVV-code is indicated on the back of the card, then it is allowed to pay online.

3. Whether an online transaction is considered a purchase. In some cases, for example, when transferring funds to an e-wallet, this is considered to be cash withdrawal, therefore interest rates and the grace period may be different than if you paid for the goods in the online store.

4. What is the duration of the grace period and how is it calculated. In some cases, the grace period is “floating”, i.e. it depends on the date of payment and is, for example, 30 days. But some banks tie the end date of the grace period to a certain date of the next month after the purchase.

5. What are the bonuses when using the card, and what advantages does it give. Some banks offer a cash tank even for a credit card. Paying branded card in stores, you can count on a discount. All these points need to be clarified in order to use your “plastic” with maximum benefit.

6. Prices for the use and additional services: the cost of annual maintenance and reissuance, the price of the Internet bank, the amount of fines for overdue, etc. If these values ​​are too high, you may need to look for another option. There are quite a few banks that allow you to get credit cards on a passport alone.

7. Availability of additional services and their cost. For example, a mobile bank. Some banks, without the knowledge of the client, connect insurance to him. It has to be paid twice – with interest, since the cost of monthly installments is charged on the body of the loan, increasing the size of the debt.

Thus, with the design of credit cards in no hurry. It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons. You do not need to pay attention only to the service and the possibility of delivering the card directly to your home – this, of course, is convenient, but you have to pay for all the amenities.

Bank receipt algorithm

Bank receipt algorithm


In order to be guaranteed, without refusal, to receive a credit card in a bank, you must carefully prepare for the approach to the institution. After studying the conditions of using the card and choosing a specific product, it is necessary to estimate whether you are suitable for the bank. In some cases, you can make an approximate calculation of creditworthiness on the site of the institution and find out the minimum amount of income. A little more will need to be called when filling out the application.

It is much easier to get a credit card in such organizations, since it is not required to provide documents. In case of doubt, the bank manager calls the borrower to work and specifies whether the applicant really is listed there and what salary he receives.

You can also ask the manager to enter the position of the borrower and ask him to indicate in the questionnaire a sufficient amount for obtaining a loan. As a rule, there are no problems with this, as the bank employees themselves are interested in increasing the number of customers.

So, the algorithm for processing credit cards without providing a full package of documents directly at banks is as follows:

  1. You choose the appropriate institution and the specific type of card, you will find out additional conditions.
  2. Come directly to the office with a passport and a second document.
  3. Fill out a questionnaire with the help of a manager, specify all personal data, the desired amount, the amount of income, etc.
  4. Expect approval or rejection.

In some cases, the decision will be instant – if you do not need too much money. The client will be given a standard card with standard loan terms.

If you need a significant limit, you will have to wait for approval from the head office (usually a day), as well as 5-7 days, until a personalized card is issued and delivered.

Online registration

Some banks, for example, Bank Credit Systems and the Bank of Moscow, specialize in issuing credit cards with home delivery. The procedure for issuing a card in such banks is extremely simplified, they can be ordered directly on the official website of the institution.
The algorithm will be as follows: 

  1. Make a request online directly on the site. Specify personal data, the desired amount on the card, fare and other conditions, as well as a convenient time for delivery of the card to your home.
  2. Attach a scan of the passport and the second document through a special form and send the questionnaire.
  3. You are awaiting a call from a specialist who will clarify whether you have actually drawn up the application, as well as some parameters. He will tell you whether the card was approved, under what conditions, with what reserve of funds in the account.
  4. The courier will contact you on the day of delivery, who will agree with you on your arrival time at home.
  5. Upon arrival, the courier will give you the card itself, terms of use and tariffs. You will sign two copies of the contract, one of which will remain with you.
  6. Then you will only activate the credit card. To do this, go to the bank website and specify the details of the “plastic”. After activation, you will receive a PIN-code – most often in an SMS-message or by means of a message of code numbers by robot on the phone.

Ordering a credit card online is quick and convenient, and modern means of communication make this process safe. However, all the cards ordered via the Internet are personalized, so you have to wait 7-10 days until the “plastic” is released in your name and delivered to the city.