Recently, one of our employees joined the people who were watching their weight in order to get rid of the extra 20 kg that appeared after her birth. When she shared her experience in losing weight, it occurred to me that people use very similar tools and strategies to lose weight and improve my personal budget.

Learning, for example, to resist their temptations will also be useful for losing weight and reducing credit card debt.

Learning, for example, to resist their temptations will also be useful for losing weight and reducing <a href=credit card debt.” width=”640″ height=”138″ />

By changing your worldview in this direction, you are less likely to regret your actions in the future.

The aforementioned employee began to keep chocolate on the top shelf, she said that this caused her certain psychological difficulties. And then she began to buy tangerines, which were always at her hand, both at home and at work in the office.

You can do the same with your credit card, which many of us use at home to make purchases online. Remove the card as far as possible from the computer. Put it in the furthest pocket of your bag or garment. And turn off the purchase system in one click in all browsers so that each time you would have to get a card to buy it, you would need to enter its data.

Self control When a person wants to lose weight, the most important thing is self-control. Please note that all efforts can go to “no” if you constantly give in to impulses. Like, “I will eat a small pie and nothing will happen” or “I will buy this inexpensive T-shirt at a discount, and it will not negatively affect my home budget.”

There are six rules that will help in the same way, both when losing weight and when saving household money.

  1. Keep a logbook

    Keep a logbook

When people are struggling with excess weight, they can be of great help if they record everything that they have eaten in a day. It helps to track the number of calories, as well as, makes the person’s diet more visual. Thus, you can eliminate harmful products and add useful ones.

Personal finance experts recommend starting such journals in order to control their household money. After some time, you will see what you spend extra money on and why you can’t get out of debt.

  1. Do a “survey” of your budget

    Do a "survey" of your budget

Many experts in weight loss recommend people to think carefully about the reasons for their overeating. For example, some people eat, simply out of boredom, others may use food to improve their mood when struggling with difficult life situations.

The same is true for financial expenses. Many people have a tendency to spend money when they feel anxious, and sometimes vice versa, fun. Identifying such trends will help redirect yourself to the right track and stick to a financial diet.

  1. Limit consumption

    Limit consumption

As a rule, a person needs to eat less to lose weight, so you should spend less to reduce your debts. This is easier said than done, but it will help rethink your vision of the value of everyday life.

Both in losing weight and in saving each person will be helped by switching attention to spiritual things such as children and family. To escape from overeating or the next extra spending – play with the children or just take a walk.

  1. Work more

To keep track of your weight and health in general, you need to perform physical exercises. Studies show that exercise alone is not enough to lose weight, but it is a significant help to the body, especially if you often sit at the computer or in front of the TV.

Similarly, in repayment of credit card debt – if you make only a mandatory payment every month, then you will be very close to zero balance for a very long time. But if you behave more aggressively in relation to your debts and increase the monthly amount, you will achieve your goal much faster.

  1. Reward yourself

    Reward yourself

A number of studies have found that financial incentives can help a person in any business. Think of a bonus that you get when you reach your goal. This will help in losing weight and in another difficult task – to control household money.

Whether you are trying to reduce excess weight or your debts, in addition to strict self-rigor, you need to plan the presents for yourself when you achieve your goals. You should have a main goal (to get rid of debts) and a few small goals that will help you achieve the main one. Once you reach the next small goal – you should get a gift, such an incentive will help you maintain composure during the long journey to victory.

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